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Each Deckbound Card Pack contains 5 cards plus one Curiosity, which can be one of:

  • An extra Deckbound Hero, Minion, Structure or Rune card
  • An exclusive art back
  • A Deckbound Curiosity card (see below for details)









Single packs not
available to purchase

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Deckbound Curiosities

We'll be announcing more about Curiosities over the course of the beta. Every time you open a card pack you get a Curiosity, which when opened can be an extra Hero, Minion, Structure or Rune card, an art back exclusive to that genesis, an augment or a Deckbound Curiosity card.

Curiosity cards are collectible cards that don't have a direct impact on normal gameplay, but will have aesthetic and non-gameplay effects. They're only obtainable by opening card packs, and even then they only show up every once in a while.

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Deckbound Heroes Beta Screenshot

You can open card packs, build decks, play games and level up cards in the Deckbound Heroes open beta now

Watch the Deckbound Heroes trailer above and find out more about the game at the Deckbound Heroes page