The Deckbound Heroes open beta!

"Hold up. This game is going in a completely different direction? You have my attention."

Sam Hatrick after playing at PAX East 2016 more at

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Deckbound Heroes is a competitive multiplayer strategy card game. With no RNG or deck draw mechanic, the game's focus on strategy is often compared to that of chess or Go.

Deckbound Heroes is currently in open beta. The remaining core features will be launched over the coming months, as we lead into a full release.

Heroes and Deities

Choose a Hero to play as… each Hero has a deity affinity that provides different bonuses and restrictions on your deck.

You win a game of Deckbound Heroes by knocking out your opponent's Hero in a best-of-three format.

Each Hero has associated art backs that can be unlocked through achievements.

Heroes in Deckbound Heroes

Deck building

Decks are built to a points limit and your Hero choice effects which card types you can use.

The Deckbound Game and Collection Manager features a comprehensive deck builder that allows you to filter, sort and tag your cards.

There's no RNG and you can see your opponent's deck from the start of the game. Building powerful and flexible decks is key to success in Deckbound Heroes.

Bullding decks for Deckbound Heroes

Map mechanics

Each map features different mechanics, including destructive, healing and manipulative abilities. To win games, you’ll need to balance map control with attacks on your opponent.

Matches are played across multiple maps and require a flexible deck and play style.

Each map is a unique environment and has associated art backs that you can unlock through play and achievements.

Deckbound Heroes map profile art

Card inception

Deckbound Cards are created through a process called inception. Each card is unique, but draws on a set of abilities from the Genesis Block.

Abilities appear at a different levels on a card and can be unlocked by gaining XP and levelling up cards. A higher level card is more flexible, but not necessarily more powerful.

You can find out more about how this works on the Card Inception page.

Opening packs in the Deckbound explorer

"What makes Deckbound Heroes feel more massive than, say, Hearthstone, is that cards level up and can be traded" at E3 2016

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