What is Project Heroes?

Previously known as "Deckbound Heroes", Project Heroes is the code name for an ongoing game development based on the Deckbound card system that started in 2015.

While Deckbound Heroes got a great reception, it didn't pick up a sufficient number of players as a multiplayer-only title.

We're building on top of the core gameplay already established in Heroes and plan on bringing you something properly fitting the ambition of the original project. We'll be announcing more in the future, but if you want to join us for the journey we will be discussing ongoing developments on Discord.

As part of the process we've discontinued the Steam/downloadable game client and are focussing on the core systems and meta game progression. You can still play games of Heroes via the internal debug client ("Hudde") from the Heroes GCM.

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Deck building

Decks are built to a points limit and your Hero choice effects which card types you can use.

The GCM features a comprehensive deck builder that allows you to filter, sort and tag your cards.

There's no RNG and you can see your opponent's deck from the start of the game. Building powerful and flexible decks is key to success in Heroes.

Gameplay resources

If you're looking for the original Deckbound Heroes forums or blog you can find them at:

We're only going to be sharing development information via Discord until we're ready to announce the new name and relaunch of the game. If you want to be a part of ongoing development, join us on the "Project Heroes" channel in Discord.

Card inception & ownership

Cards in Heroes are created through a process called inception. Each card is unique, but draws on a set of abilities from the Genesis Block.

Abilities appear at a different levels on a card and can be unlocked by gaining XP and levelling up cards. A higher level card is more flexible, but not necessarily more powerful.

If you already own Deckbound Heroes cards you will be able to trade them for Lunar Mines items via DLOX. You'll be able to see information about this in the GCM after Lunar Mines has launched.