Skills-based strategy games.
Player-owned digital trading cards.

Deckbound Heroes is a turn-based multiplayer strategy card game with no RNG. Competing with a points-based deck, players battle it out across a variety of maps, each with varying mechanics.

Deckbound Spears is an action skills spear 'em up to play against or with your friends. We previewed the game at PAX East and EGX Rezzed and will be bringing it to PC, Mac and mobile.


Actual skilled play

Deckbound games focus on skilled play and careful, deck-oriented decision making. Deckbound Heroes has no deck draw mechanic and you can see all of your opponent's cards.

Unique cards

No "net decking"

Every Deckbound card is unique. Abilities are selected at different levels from a block of thousands. Finding similar cards requires levelling, trading and Augments.

Map & match variety

No perfect decks

Each map presents different mechanics. Match play requires that the player anticipate a variety of situations when they build their decks.

Points-based decks

Prevents aggressive changes

Decks for Deckbound Heroes are built to a points limit. Each ability has a different cost and those costs are reviewed over time.

Digital player ownership

Long term commitment

Deckbound cards are permanent digital objects that exist outside of any specific game and are owned by players.

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