Deckbound Technologies

DLOX (2018)

DLOX is a blockchain network and infrastructure for digital objects. The DLOX network doesn't have an internal crypto currency or token and relies on other networks for payments. DLOX isn't subject to the same scale and purpose issues as other distributed networks.

Bitbind (2014)

Bitbind was one of the first protocols designed to address structured representation of objects on a transactional blockchain and originally worked with Bitcoin. The original Bitbind specification can be found at

Bitbind v2 provides an assertion set for incepting, describing, transferring and extending blockchain-native digital objects and integrates directly with the network-level features of DLOX. The Bitbind v2 specification will be published along with the DLOX network specification.

Projects built on Deckbound Technologies

Lunar Mines (tba)

Lunar Mines is a web native game built on overlapping systems and leverages player and service economies. It features minimalist city building, space planning and exploration. It leverages functionality of both the DLOX and Ethereum blockchains.

Project Heroes (2014)

Previously known as "Deckbound Heroes", Project Heroes is the code name for an ongoing game development based on the Deckbound card system that started in 2014. Deckbound Heroes was somewhat ahead of its time and didn't pick up a sufficient number of players as a multiplayer-only title. The game itself is now evolving to be part of other projects.

As one of the first games built on blockchain technology, Deckbound Heroes defined a lot of the fundamental systems required to operate a game based on player-owned digital items. That work has — and will — continue to shape the ongoing design of other projects.

Players who have Deckbound Cards can access their collection from the Game & Collection Manager. When Lunar Mines launches players will be able to use the collection manager to move their cards into the Lunar Mines universe and into a new DLOX wallet.