Deckbound Spears is an action skills spear 'em up to play against or with your friends. We previewed the game at PAX East and EGX Rezzed and will be bringing it to PC, Mac and mobile.


Play with Deckbound cards

In Deckbound Spears you select cards to make up your character, spear type and ability choices. Cards can be levelled up, unlocking new things in all Deckbound games.

Devices and platforms

You can play with controllers, your keyboard and mouse or your touchscreen device locally or online with others. We'll be supporting PC, Mac and mobile to start with.


We have a variety of procedural maps for you to fight on in competitive and co-operative modes. The combination of game modes, features and card-based content provide endless replay opportunities on the core spear-throwing mechanic.

Streamer preview

Are you a content creator? Do you want to stream, broadcast or pre-record Deckbound Spears? Let us know here and we'll send you a streamer-specific preview before we go into beta later in the year.