Card Inception

Card creation & Genesis Blocks

Deckbound cards are created from a Genesis Block. This process is called inception. Core to a Genesis Block is its abilities, which are utilized across Deckbound cards and games.

Inception happens when a user opens a pack of Deckbound cards. A transaction is issued on the underlying block chain (the distributed database upon which Deckbound cards are created). This transaction contains information from Deckbound about the card type and a unique identifier for the user who will own the card once incepted.

The inception transaction provides the card with a unique identifier that is used in a deterministic number generator as a means of generating unpredictable (yet replicable) information about the card.

Players can view their cards on the Genesis Block using the Explorer tool in the Deckbound Game and Collection Manager.

Deckbound Card shown on the explorer

A Deckbound card shown on the Genesis Block

Card sets and Spindles

To provide interesting identities for abilities and cards, we group abilities together using a clustering algorithm.

Each group of abilities is referred to as a Spindle. Most cards will have abilities selected from proximate Spindles. Cards that have abilities from a wider set of Spindles are naturally rarer.

Spindles are used by Deckbound games to provide specific mechanics and interactions between cards.

Deckbound Genesis set clusters calculated on the genesis map

Grouped Spindles, viewed in 2D

Unlocking abilities

Each ability has an "unlock" level that is generated during the card's inception.

Deckbound games allow players to use specific numbers and types of abilities in different gameplay situations. Players need to "level up" their cards to access the higher-level, locked abilities.

It is not possible to see which abilities a card will have until it has been incepted. Players looking for specific card characteristics (combinations of abilities) will need to incept cards until they find them, level up cards with the required locked abilities or trade specific cards with other players or the Nomad pool.

Raw Deckbound genesis map

Raw ability locations on the genesis block

Developer access & API

As well as players being able to browse cards on the Genesis Block using the Game & Collection Manager, developers can use the Deckbound API to retrieve information about a card and its incepted properties.

The Deckbound Card API is available at

The Deckbound index API for cards

Query card information using the Deckbound API

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