The Deckbound Heroes Beta is live!

"Hold up. This game is going in a completely different direction? You have my attention."

Sam Hatrick after playing at PAX East 2016 more at


Deckbound Heroes is a competitive multiplayer strategy card game. Compete across a series of rounds and games with a single deck, taking opportunities to occupy outposts on the map and leverage your abilities to defeat your opponent.

You can play Deckbound Heroes against human and AI opponents. The first set of card abilities, "Firstborn", will launch with the open beta of Deckbound Heroes.

Deckbound Heroes features:

  • Deterministic play - no RNG or card draw, see your opponent’s deck and abilities
  • Rounds and matches - play in best of 3 games and across competitive matches on multiple maps with the same deck
  • Points based deck building - because Deckbound cards are unique and unlock additional abilities as levelled, decks are built using a points system
  • Heroes and deities - choose a hero to play as… each hero has a deity affinity that provides different bonuses and restrictions on your deck
  • Map features / different maps - each map has different outposts, each with their own abilities
  • Side board / card swaps - swap cards between games in competitive play

The Deckbound Card system is a new and exciting approach to player-owned cards that:

  • Allows players to use the same collection of cards in different games
  • Allows players to trade, lend and exchange cards
  • Has a permanent public history of issue, levelling and augmentation
  • Will offer a “Nomad pool” system for anonymous lending of cards — put your cards in the Nomad Pool so other people can try out the game and level up your cards while doing so
  • More information about the Deckbound card system can be found at how it works

"What makes Deckbound Heroes feel more massive than, say, Hearthstone, is that cards level up and can be traded" at E3 2016

Over the coming months we’re going to roll out the key features of the beta so you can:

  • Play Deckbound Heroes using the new beta client
  • Test inception of your cards with global discovery & unlocks (you can see abilities appear on your cards as we add them to the beta)
  • Level up your cards to unlock abilities
  • Play in casual and ranked games with a mix of demo cards and your own incepted cards
  • Follow friends to match in casual games, view achievements and compete for rankings
  • Play with Hero, Minion, Structure and Rune cards
  • Compete in online tournaments and rankings
  • Complete achievements and unlock art backs for your collection… some of which are exclusive to the beta

We’ll be releasing more information about all of the above as we work through the beta release.

Deck templates and competitive play

As well as rolling out infrastructure and game updates, we’re very excited about sharing information with you about the hero/deity deck template system, the four card types available for play and the various competitive and team formats that we’re working on, including match play and card swapping.

Release plans — trading, user-generated campaigns and more

In 2017 we’ll launch trading, the nomad pool and user-generated campaign creation. Our focus initially is on 1v1 multiplayer matches, but we’re already working on some single player content using an early version of the content creation tools that you’ll later be able to use yourself.

You’ll soon be able to use a mixed decks of demo and purchased (incepted) cards. You can only level up your incepted cards, but you will be able to use both in casual and ranked formats. Once we’ve launched the nomad pool, ranked play will likely only allow for incepted cards.

Open Rumpus! … online launch tournament for all beta players

Based on the demand for competitive play during the closed alpha, in 2016 we kicked off our first organised competitive events at DreamHack Austin, Sweden and Montreal. We’ve also run competitive events at PAX and Insomnia.

We’re excited to announce that the release of the game will be accompanied by an online launch tournament: The Deckbound Heroes RCP: Open Rumpus #1! We’ll be sharing more details soon — anyone playing will be able to compete in ranked matches, build their decks and level their cards to compete for a spot in the tournament finals in 2017.