Player-owned digital trading cards. Cross-game and cross-platform play. Competitive, skills-based strategy games.

Deckbound’s mission is to create an ecosystem of technology and services where players and content creators can build and share gaming assets across multiple games and systems in a secure, open environment.

Our technologies support our vision of integrated cross-platform game play by addressing mobile as a first class citizen for competitive, skills-based play. We are fostering an environment of player-owned gaming assets, open trade and transparent distribution.

Through the pioneering use of block chain technologies for gaming, players are able to buy, trade and level up cards across multiple games based on their play style and skills preferences.

Deckbound Heroes is a turn-based, collectible trading card strategy game for mobile and desktop. It’s supported by the Deckbound RCP (Ranked Competitive Play) tournament and events system.

Deckbound Quest is a single player dungeon explorer for mobile and desktop. It allows players to use their Deckbound card collection in a single player game, levelling up their cards and unlocking achievements, augments and card backs.

Deckbound has a small, dynamic development team with experience across mobile, desktop and console titles as well as multiplayer infrastructure. Our management team have run a variety of gaming businesses and have a wide range of commercial experience. Deckbound’s innovations have received widespread praise from players, critics and technology commentators.

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Read about how Deckbound works. Deckbound Heroes launches in test alpha soon and you can already get early access to card bundles at significant discounts.

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