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Deckbound is an independent games developer/publisher started by Gareth Jenkins in 2014. The company is based in New York and has a small-but-mighty team working from home all over the world.

Not content with ‘just’ making games, Deckbound have pioneered a technology for player ownership of gaming assets.

Deckbound’s innovations have received widespread praise from players, critics and technology commentators.


Deckbound Heroes

Deckbound Heroes is a turn-based multiplayer strategy card game. Competing with a points-based deck, players battle it out across a variety of maps, each with varying mechanics.

In Deckbound Heroes there is no RNG or card draw. Players have full visibility of their opponent’s deck and abilities. No two cards are identical and all Deckbound cards can be levelled up in Deckbound Heroes.

Deckbound Heroes is in open beta and available via Steam or directly from our website.

The core game has already received an amazing response and was played competitively at DreamHack events in 2016.

Over the course of the open beta, the game will see the launch of five multiplayer maps and the first in a series of single player challenges.

Deckbound Spears

Deckbound Spears is an action skills spear 'em up up that can be played in vs or co-op modes. We previewed the game at PAX East and EGX Rezzed 2017 and will be bringing it to PC, Mac and mobile.

In Deckbound Spears players select cards to make up their character, spear type and abilities. Cards can be levelled up, unlocking new things in all Deckbound games.

The game supports controllers, keyboard/mouse and touchscreen devices locally or online. We'll be supporting PC, Mac and mobile to start with.

We have a variety of procedural maps to fight on in competitive and co-operative modes. The combination of game modes, features and card-based content provide endless replay opportunities on the core spear-throwing mechanic.

The Deckbound card system

The Deckbound card system is an innovative new approach to player-owned digital cards.

Each Deckbound card is unique and, with game specific abilities, can be played in all Deckbound games.

As you level a Deckbound card in one game, you are unlocking new abilities in another.

The Deckbound card system has a nomad pool for the borrowing or lending of cards. Any card played from the nomad pool will level up as normal. Deckbound cards can also be traded.

Deckbound’s public APIs allow other developers to integrate Deckbound cards into their own projects.


Deckbound Heroes

Deckbound Heroes beta gameplay preview

Deckbound Heroes - open beta trailer

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Deckbound Spears

Deckbound Spears - Gameplay Preview Trailer


Deckbound Heroes

2.7mb 3840x2160px
Deckbound Heroes Dulfaet's Landing Screenshot #1

2.6mb 3840x2160px
Deckbound Heroes Dulfaet's Landing Screenshot #2

1.4mb 3840x2160px
Deckbound Heroes screenshot (Dulfaet's Landing map)

1.6mb 3840x2176px
Deckbound Card Inception (pack opening)

686kb 1920x1240px
Deckbound deck builder screenshot #1

1.9mb 3840x2391px
Deckbound deck builder screenshot #2

3.3mb 4000x2250px
Deckbound Heroes loading screen & promotional image

3.7mb 3243x2160px
Deckbound Heroes alpha tournament winners at DreamHack Austin 2016

736kb 1500x932px
Deckbound Heroes alpha tournament winner at DreamHack Winter, Sweden 2016

Deckbound Spears

1Mb 3840x2160px
Deckbound Spears key art #1

1Mb 3840x2160px
Deckbound Spears key art #2

929kb 3840x2160px
Deckbound Spears desert screenshot

984kb 3840x2160px
Deckbound Spears jungle screenshot

941kb 3840x2160px
Deckbound Spears forest screenshot

1.6mb 3840x2160px
Deckbound Spears dungeon screenshot


163kb 2637x3080px
Deckbound logo

146kb 2637x3080px
Deckbound logo (transparent)

3.7mb 1920x1080px
Deckbound symbol (transparent, dark)

3.1mb 3840x2560px
Deckbound Heroes logo

4.3mb 3840x2160px
Deckbound Heroes logo (no background)

Selected articles

"It's really "massive" in terms of tech and ideas..."
Massively Overpowered – E3 2016

"...Deckbound defies most traditional classifications."
Bleeding Cool – PAX South 2016

"It's a curious little CCG, and might just be different enough to stand out among others in a crowded genre."
Touch Arcade – PAX South 2016

"It introduces the idea of players truly owning their cards, so they can trade them, sell them and use them in other games.
Observer – 2016

"That's some hot stuff right there." – E3 2015

Trading card games: What Pokemon and Deckbound have to offer

"Hold up. This game is going in a completely different direction? You have my attention."
Badcoyotefunky – PAX East 2016

"...the systems behind Deckbound are ingenious..."
MMOHuts – PAX South 2016

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We are delighted that Deckbound is a launch partner of Discord’s GameBridge. Discord is the only free and secure all-in-one voice+text app designed for gamers that works on your desktop and phone.

You can find out more about GameBridge at

Join the Deckbound Discord server at


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Deckbound Heroes (2017)
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