Deckbound Heroes is set in the world of Deistraa. In this multi-dimensional space of unknown possibilities, powerful users of alchgic fight one another to demonstrate their prowess and deity alignment.

When playing games of Deckbound Heroes you choose a deity and an aligned hero. Your choice of deity dictates what type of deck you can build (via the deity template) and limits your hero choice to those aligned with that deity.

The alchgemic arenas of Jordrale

Jordrale — a physical place in Deistraa — where battles of Deckbound Heroes are fought

We’ll be announcing more information about the first five alchgemic arenas over the course of the beta. We’re working on the first three at the moment – Dulfaet’s Landing (available now), Kraetan’s Refuge and Fogaiel’s Pit.

Concept art for Kraetan’s Refuge – the second arena to be launched in the beta

You’ll hear us talk about “maps” in the context of the game and “arenas” when we’re talking about the places in the world of Jordrale. Each arena may have multiple “map” configurations.

Inside the arena

In the arenas of Jordrale you’ll find:


In Deistraa’s 4th dimension there is a complex system of planes and spindles. In this dimension, abilities in Deckbound Heroes are grouped around the spindles of Hawren, Kobais, Fahrrd and Geead.

Abilities in Deckbound Heroes are grouped around 4 spindles

Abilities can interact with spindles — for example “Freeze a Spindle Fahrrd ability for 2 turns” — and so can hero traits, “Immune to first 4 points of damage from Spindle Kobais every round”.

Deities also have spindle associations. Later in the beta we’ll be sharing more about “spindled” templates — versions of deity templates that allow only abilities from a certain spindle and require specially augmented cards to play. Competing with spindled decks provides other meta game bonuses.

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