In the run up to the launch of the Deckbound Heroes open beta at Gamescom this year, we're running our third Dreamhack Tournament. Our first tournament in Austin, TX saw a final bracket compete for the first RCP cash prize. At Dreamhack Summer, in Jonkoping, around 250 people signed up to compete in rankings that later filled a fast paced top-32 bracket.

Pick your abilities and duel your opponent in a 1v1 turn-based CCG! Compete in ranked games, adjust your deck and earn a seat in a final bracket!

The beta of Deckbound Heroes is launching this month. When you sign up for the DreamHack tournament it also grants you access to the beta. After the tournament you’ll receive an email with a link to your Deckbound profile.

All tournament participants will get exclusive RCP art backs to use on their Deckbound cards as well as $10 worth of card packs to play in the open beta.

Ticket needed: BYOC (You need to have a seat and a PC in BYOC area)
Prize Pool: $2000
Sign up with email:

Join us on Discord, we have our own designated channel #deckboundheroes-byoc


1st: 1250$
2nd: 500$
3rd: 250$

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