As we’re rolling out features to the open beta we wanted to bring together a few different bits of information about Deckbound cards.

Card types

Deckbound cards come in 5 different types, 4 main playable types and a “Curiosity” type. These will be standard across Deckbound games, but in the context of the Deckbound Heroes open beta this is the current state of those types:

Hero cards -- are the main card type used at the moment in the open beta of Deckbound Heroes. Hero cards allow you to play active abilities in the game. You can get Hero cards in starter packs and purchased bundle packs.

Structure cards -- represent passive abilities in Deckbound Heroes. We’re testing them internally at the moment and you’ll see them show up as demo abilities soon. You get some Structure cards in starter packs and in purchased bundles.

Minion cards -- allow players to create attachment buffs on other elements of the game. We’ll be announcing more about and launching Minion cards later during the open beta. You can currently only get Minion cards in purchased bundles.

Rune cards -- are more powerful versions of Hero card abilities that come with more involved conditions and have different usage restrictions. We’ll be announcing more about and launching Rune cards later during the open beta. You can currently only get Rune cards in purchased bundles.

Curiosity cards don’t have a direct impact on gameplay but they will integrate elsewhere into the Deckbound card ecosystem. Curiosities are currently included in purchased bundles but aren’t yet usable.

Incepted abilities & demo abilities

Incepted abilities are attached to your cards based on their location in the genesis block that the card was created from. We define those abilities and add them to the map in different locations.

At the moment you can play with Hero cards. In preparation for adding the first 500 incepted abilities to the inception map, we’ve added demo abilities onto the Hero cards that you open.

There are 224 “core” hero abilities in the demo set (the first block of cards contains 3000 hero abilities). Demo abilities have a slightly higher points cost than their naturally incepted equivalents. Demo Hero card abilities will be available until we’ve rolled out 70% of the full set of 3000 hero abilities.

The first batch of 500 Hero card abilities will be added to the inception map over the course of March. If you have cards in your collection with these abilities ready to use, we’ll send you a notification letting you know they’re ready to play.

You can’t do anything with Structure, Minion, Rune or Curiosity cards yet, but you can view them in your collection. We’re currently selling mixed bundle packs, but will consider card type-specific packs if there is sufficient demand.

The Deckbound Explorer shows the full maps of abilities and the position of your cards

Starter card packs

Starter card packs and cards you purchase are tied to your Deckbound account and can be accessed from any machine or game client by logging in with your email address. You can access the deck builder and collection manager from a web browser so you can explore your collection when away from your gaming machine.

Starter card packs are yours to keep, but there will be restrictions on trading them. We’ll announce more details on this as we work toward card trading during the course of the open beta.

Card creation

Deckbound cards are created as blockchain transactions. We’ll be announcing more about the specific blockchain technology we’re using over the course of the year.

We’re generating storage addresses (private keys) for each pack of cards you open, and the identity of a card is generated from a transaction that goes from the card type address (e.g. “deckbound:hero:) to your address. As we move toward trading of cards later in the year, you’ll be able to export those private keys and move cards to your own storage addresses inside or outside of your Deckbound account.

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