Insomnia58 – RCP Tournament Review

Our RCP event at Insomnia58 was a great success! Gamers battled one on one to get themselves placed in the rankings over the weekend. On the Monday morning, we invited the top 10 players to compete in a double elimination final bracket.

Top 10 ranked players:

  1. Brad
  2. BC Roberts
  3. Fred
  4. Ben
  5. Hash
  6. Lowelo (GamersOrigin)
  7. Thomas (GamersOrigin)
  8. BitFlash
  9. Simon
  10. Morgan

Final bracket - first stage highlights

Game 1: BitFlash (8) V Simon (9)

Simon dominated the first round of this game; overwhelming his opponent by dealing out 15 direct damage every second turn. BitFlash recovered from an early mistake in this round to come back and blitz the second round, causing 20 damage in his first 2 turns. Round 3 saw Simon back on the offensive and he didn’t back down, taking this round and the game.

Game 2: Thomas-GamersOrigin FR (7) V Morgan (10)

Thomas came armed with a variety deck suitable for both early- and late-game play. He took control of the map in the early stages of the first round and had Morgan cornered by turn 4. The second round played out in a similar way; Morgan’s late-game deck had no resistance to outpost damage and it was all over in 9 turns.

Final bracket – second stage highlights

Game 3: Ben (4) V Hash (5)

A duel between friends and their identical decks. With each of their decks having 10 abilities, it was a long, strategic battle where only mistakes would decide the winner. Ben came out on top, having had the advantage of starting the game (as higher ranked player). We hope they are still friends…

Game 4: Fred (3) V Lowelo-GamersOrigin (6)

Looking at Fred’s deck, which included 12 direct damage on an 8 turn cooldown, you would be forgiven for thinking that he was aiming for a slow and gradual strategy. Not so. Straight off, Fred had dealt 3 damage to everything, capturing 2 outposts. He then increased the health of all outposts to pre-empt any first turn damage by Lowelo. Though Lowelo was in possession of a strong direct damage variety deck, there was no chance to withstand Fred’s early aggressive strategy.

Game 5: Brad (1) V Simon (9)

A deck with low cooldowns, outpost damage and AOE damage abilities lead to early outpost control for Brad. There followed a high, direct damage onslaught. Things could have been different for Simon, had he started the game, but a lack of healing abilities and both barrels from Brad meant a swift 2-round defeat at the hands of the top-ranked player.

Game 6: BC Roberts (2) V Thomas-GamersOrigin FR (7)

BC Roberts stormed the first round by taking control of the 2 strongest outposts and inflicting 11 damage on his second and third turns. In the second round, Thomas was able to use his high-cooldown 8 direct damage and brought his opponent down to 4 health. Unfortunately for Thomas, BC Roberts was able to heal himself and then continue to deal 11 damage per turn to win the game.

Final bracket – third stage highlights

Game 11: Brad (1) V Ben (4) -- Brad lead most of the game by dominating the map.

Game 12: BC Roberts (2) V Fred (3) -- A long, 3-round duel, in which BC Roberts was victorious.

Game 14: Fred (3) V Simon (9)

An explosive game, with both players holding high direct damage decks. With Simon inflicting 15 direct damage a turn, the first round was over quickly. Fred turned the tables in the second round; his sustained direct damage attacks and Simon’s lack of healing abilities meant a 4-turn round. Round 3 was kicked off by Fred dealing 15 direct damage. Simon had upped his health to 17, but it wasn’t enough to withstand Fred’s next attack.

Final bracket – fourth stage highlights

Game 16: Brad (1) V BC Roberts (2)

Surprising play from Brad in the first round – after such confident wins earlier in the tournament, two mistakes and it was a 5-turn round in BC Roberts’ favour. Quickly turning things around in the second round, Brad soon had control over the strongest outposts. Causing up to 11 damage in several turns meant that BC Roberts couldn’t heal enough and had to capitulate. BC Roberts seemed to have a win planned out for the third round; 10 direct damage, 9 outpost damage and again, 10 direct damage. Three hard hitting turns and it was game over for Brad.

Losers bracket – final round

Brad (1) V Fred (3)

Brad and Fred were competing to play BC Roberts in the final. The loser of this game would take third place in the tournament. With some mistakes on both sides, it was Fred’s better game that won him the first round. Brad made a come-back in the second with a mix of map control and direct damage. In the deciding round, both players realised that Fred could inflict 16 damage on his second turn. Brad had nothing to answer that with and not enough ability to heal. An easy win for Fred. Brad took bronze and Fred went on to face BC Roberts.

Our improvised tournament space at the Insomnia58 BYOC

The Final

BC Roberts (2) V Fred (3)

BC Roberts, so far unbeaten, takes on Fred, the winner of the loser’s bracket…

The Decks

BC Roberts -- An early game, aggro deck. Capable of 10 direct damage every 2 turns and with a handful of map control abilities.

Fred -- A mid/late game map dominance deck. Including a 12 direct damage (8 cooldown) sneaky round breaker.

The first game

The first round began with BC Roberts taking over the 2 strongest outposts. Fred responded by using 3 AOE damage to capture the 2 weaker outposts. BC Roberts hit Fred with 11 damage from his outposts. Having no answer to this, Fred had to concede and regroup for the second round.

In the second round, Fred gained control of all of the outposts and dealt some damage to BC Roberts’ health. BC Roberts was looking to end the round quickly and hit Fred with 10 direct damage, leaving him with only 2 health. Fred’s strong outpost position meant he could finish BC Roberts off swiftly and move into the decider.

In the deciding round, BC Roberts began with clearing the map by neutralizing all the outposts and reducing Fred’s health. Fred’s 12 direct damage was about to be cooled down so he concentrated on increasing his own health and used AOE damage to reduce BC Roberts’ health to 12. BC Roberts had no real answer to what was coming and could only increase his own health and wait for the inevitable – Fred finished what he started by blasting BC Roberts with 16 direct damage. Great turnaround by Fred! First loss to BC Roberts.

The second game

Fred began by capturing the strongest outpost and increasing its health. Using both of his action points, BC Roberts neutralized Fred’s outpost. Fred repeated the same move. BC Roberts inflicted 10 damage to Fred’s health and Fred responded by healing himself and dishing out 6 damage. BC Roberts continued to neutralize outposts, attempting to leave Fred with no damage ability. Fred used AOE damage and healed himself just enough to withstand BC Roberts’ upcoming 10 direct damage hit. Left with 6 health, BC Roberts had to use one of his free action points to heal and the other was used on 5 direct damage to Fred. The pair continued in a similar exchange for the next couple of turns. BC Roberts made a mistake, allowing Fred to keep control of the strongest outpost. Fred didn’t think twice and put an end to this round.

Although defeating Fred in the second round, BC Roberts never quite recovered from the shocking turnaround in the first.

Fred had a cooled down 12 direct damage at his disposal… 2 turns in, and Fred used his unstoppable 16 direct damage on BC Roberts…. leaving everyone wondering how Fred had turned the whole bracket around.

Deck versatility wins out

We saw Fred adjust his strategy for each game and even change his play during rounds, forcing his opponents to make mistakes. Fred’s style of play highlights how deck versatility is one of the main factors of competitive play in Deckbound Heroes.

From the very start of the bracket, BC Roberts high direct damage capabilities and first turn outpost capture/neutralize seemed like an unbeatable combo but his opponent’s performance on the day, showed that it’s about more than the perfect deck.


1st -- Fred -- £600

2nd -- BC Roberts -- £250

3rd -- Brad -- £150

Thanks to everyone who signed up for the RCP and took the time out to compete. Thanks also, to everyone that came to see us and play the game at the booth. Your support is always appreciated.

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