Our latest RCP took place at DreamHack Winter 2016 in Jönköping, Sweden – our 4th RCP at the DreamHack event series.

Friday, mini-tournament

On the Friday evening, we held a round-robin mini-tournament where all the players had the opportunity to compete against each other.

Six competitors battled it out to decide the top 3. The main prize was a $74.99 card-bundle and a $19.87 card-bundle for 2nd and 3rd places respectively.

Ranked play began at 18.00 on the Thursday and, when we started the mini tournament, Mimneotic was dominant in #1, Vpswede was a close #2 and Bimbumbum had secured #3.

In the tournament, the top 3 players dominated by a mile. The biggest surprise was Texmaxcsss, who proved to be unbeaten with his all-in offensive strategy and ability to spot the weaknesses in his opponent’s decks. He took the tournament and the top prize. In 2nd place was Mimneotic and in 3rd was Vpswede.

The post mini-tournament rankings were only altered slightly with Mimneotic holding on tight to #1, Vpswede still strong in #2 and Texmaxcsss taking #3.

On the Saturday we held our main tournament, for which we were offering a SEK 10.000 prize pool.

Between this and the mini-tournament there had been quite a few changes to the rankings:

Suraii, Teskopwn & Mimneotic

Saturday, main tournament

Final bracket highlights

Game 1: Suraii V Teskopwn

After a long, 3-round game, where both sides were using variety decks, Suraii stood victorious by implementing an outpost control and heal follow-up strategy. Teskopwn entertained an outpost destruction strategy, where he tried to leverage the outpost burnout penalty. A few mistakes lead to this unexpected result.

Game 2: Vpswede V Texmaxcsss

Texmaxcsss, the unbeaten winner of Friday’s mini-tournament returned, sporting an even more polished, all-attack type, super compact 3 card deck. Capable of dealing 18 damage every 3 turns, it looked like it would take some serious countering to defeat him. The first round was swift, with only 7 turns. Vpswede, however, had secured outposts for the start of the next round and went on the offensive, evening up the score.

The deciding round appeared to be going in one direction fast. Only 2 turns in and Texmaxcsss had given a very clear message, knocking Vpswede’s health down to half. Vpswede hit back with his master combo – swapping active outpost states, resulting in an 8 damage/outpost burnout penalty at the start of his competitor's next turn. An unanticipated turnover, 2:1 for Vpswede!

Game 4: Texmaxcsss V Teskopwn

The 1st losers bracket duel brought together two 1st leg favourites, and only one could proceed further in the tournament.

The first round began with Texmaxcsss on the offensive, overwhelmingly so. It proved very hard for Teskopwn to overcome the damage and, 9 turns, the round was in Texmaxcsss’ pocket. Teskopwn rallied to take the second round, however, a mistake at the end left him no way out of the final round but to concede to Texmaxcsss. Great game by both sides.

Game 6: Vpswede V Mimneotic

The two unbeaten bracket favourites, Vpswede and rankings leader, Mimneotic, finally met...

Both competitors equipped themselves with vastly versatile decks, meaning that this game would most likely come down to mistakes. In a nervy, long first round, Vpswede surpassed his opponent’s offensive strategy and took the lead, but was not left in a good position from a map control perspective. Mimneotic seemed to be up to something… and in 6 turns took the second round.

In the final round, Vpswede had the first turn and had the map set up just how he wanted it. Mimneotic had to concede, making Vpswede the first finalist!

Game 7: Mimneotic V Texmaxcsss

In the third losers bracket, Mimneotic was back for another shot at a place in the final but, unfortunately, had no counter to Texmaxcsss’s full on offensive strategy. Mimneotic couldn’t respond to the 4-6 damage blasts per turn he was on the receiving end of. A relatively swift 3-round victory for Texmaxcsss. A worthy 3rd place for Mimneotic. Texmaxcsss went on to contest the number 1 spot with Vpswede.

The Final: Texmaxcsss V Vpswede

Vpswede & Texmaxcsss

Game 1

Texmaxcsss stuck with his winning tactic and quickly positioned himself on the offensive. A short, 7 turn, opening round went in his favour. Vpswede was definitely determined to fight, and, even more, to win.
Using outpost damage and ensuring his opponent’s health was never intact, Vpswede soon forced Texmaxcsss to concede the second round.

For the deciding round, the map was not in an ideal state for either player. It looked like the deciding factor would be the ability to heal. And it was…a few turns in and Vpswede was cornered with less than half of his health remaining, no healing abilities and an outpost burnout penalty threatening to finish him off instead of his opponent. 2:1 to Texmaxcsss - solid game play from Texmaxcsss, impressive!

Game 2

Vpswede couldn’t put up enough resistance to withstand the attacks coming from Texmaxcsss and had to concede 2 fairly short rounds in this game.

An admirable 2nd place for Vpswede and an excellent win for Texmaxcsss!

Extreme persistence and a superior strategy established Texmaxcsss as a deserving winner of not one, but of both of our tournaments at DreamHack Winter 2016…not a bad weekend!

Suraii, Texmaxcsss, Mimneotic, Vpswede & Merilperil


1st -- Texmaxcsss -- SEK 6000.00

2nd -- Vpswede -- SEK 2500.00

3rd -- Mimneotic -- SEK 1500.00

Congratulations to our winners! And a big thank you to everyone that competed in the RCP and in our tournaments. Tack!

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