In Montreal, we held our third RCP in a row at the DreamHack event series. Players competed in ranked play and for a place in the tournament final bracket. On the Sunday, the top 8 were invited to battle for gold.

Top 8 ranked players:

  1. Martin
  2. Gouletateur
  3. Joshua
  4. Kevor
  5. Samuel
  6. Nathan
  7. Julien
  8. Sam

Final bracket – first stage highlights

Game 1: Martin (1) V Sam (8)

An easy 2-round win for Martin.

Game 2: Kevor (4) V Samuel (5)

With next to no direct damage abilities on either deck, this was primarily a map control battle. The first round was an exchange of similar moves, with Kevor leading slightly in the dealt damage stakes. Kevor took this round, though Samuel had set himself up for the next round. Samuel’s tactics worked, gaining him round 2 whilst keeping 2 outposts under his control. In the deciding round, Kevor began with an outpost swap and sent 6 damage in Samuel’s direction. Samuel answered back in the same fashion. Continuing in this style, Kevor’s abilities were soon exhausted, leaving him to defend. Samuel still had enough outpost control and damage abilities to finish his opponent off. A great turnaround for Samuel.

Game 3: Gouletateur (2) V Julien (7)

A 3-round tussle with very contrasting decks. Gouletateur took the first round with his early-aggro, high direct damage/outpost destruction hybrid deck. In the second round, Julien’s full-on map control deck came to the fore. Starting with a clever move that manoeuvred Gouletateur into using his slow outpost destruction ability and following up with the same move, put Julien in a very strong position. With Gouletateur’s only neutralizer cooling down, just 2 more turns and it was 1 round a piece. In a short final round, a mistake from Julien allowed Gouletateur to corner him in 2 turns and send a final, definitive blast in the third.

Gouletateur & Kevor

Game 4: Joshua (3) V Nathan (6)

Joshua was on the offensive with his aggro/map control hybrid deck, naturally neutralizing Nathan’s every attempt to counter. A swift 2-round win for Joshua.

Final bracket – second stage highlights

Game 7: Martin (1) V Samuel (5)

Top ranked player, Martin, met Samuel in the second stage. A 2-round game, in which Martin dug through Samuel’s defence without making a single mistake.

Game 8: Gouletateur (2) V Joshua (3)

This had potential to be a very interesting game, but it quickly turned one-sided. Joshua dominated with some really neat play. Two major mistakes by Gouletateur in the first round soon cost him the game.

The Semi-finals

Game 11: Kevor (4) V Samuel (5) -- Losers bracket

The second meeting for this pairing – Kevor announced that he wouldn’t be giving in as easily this time. A confident statement, but he backed it up with a solid, mistake-free game to put himself in the top 3. Great come-back for Kevor.

Game 12: Martin (1) V Joshua (3)

In a long game, where both players were using very similar tactics, Martin took the first round. In the following rounds, it looked like they had both found their own ideal series of moves and figured out how to exploit each other’s play. Martin was playing with a higher direct damage ability than his opponent and as the turns went by this proved to be too much for Joshua. Martin advanced on to fight for gold.

Losers bracket – final round

Game 13: Joshua (3) V Kevor (4)

Joshua, with his map control/destruction hybrid deck and 6 direct damage per turn, was a definite favourite for this battle. Kevor had a full on map control/heal deck but couldn’t put up enough resistance to keep Joshua at bay. Kevor took bronze and Joshua went on to compete with Martin again for the final showdown.

The Final

Martin (1) V Joshua (3)

Martin and Joshua battle again – this time, for the win.
Both opponent’s decks were built with a tendency to map control. Martin’s deck also contained a high heal ability and Joshua’s was a high direct damage and outpost hybrid deck.
It wasn’t long before both players realised that this game was going to be a repeat of their previous duel and, for the second time, Martin was victorious.

A variety of map control strategies were applied in this bracket. Martin, having somehow cracked the lock to surpassing other player tactics throughout the tournament, went into the bracket the big favorite and never proved to disappoint. A beautiful win for Martin. Kevor and his ability to regroup after a defeat in the first round and land a third place in the bracket was definitely another tournament highlight.

Martin (our winner) & Janis


1st -- Martin -- $1250

2nd -- Joshua -- $500

3rd -- Kevor -- $250

Joshua (2nd), Martin (1st) and Kevor (3rd)

Congratulations to our winners! Thank you to everyone who competed over the weekend and made our tournament so successful. Merci, à bientôt.

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