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Two bits of exciting news: we've secured an investment from Aaron L. Kaplan of Gusrae Kaplan Nusbaum PLLC and we can show you the first screenshots from Deckbound Heroes!

I met Aaron in Boston at the crypto legal workshop in January, where we worked together on defining and discussing applicable issues on a variety of related crypto/token/product areas. Aaron will be joining our board of directors, and Gusrae Kaplan will be representing EVA Plexus as US counsel. I've copied the full press release below.

Screenshots! These are from the Deckbound Heroes preview. They're not final art, but they're close enough to be representative of the art and UI style that'll be used in Heroes. We've a tentative launch date of April for the Alpha.

We're doing some limited demos of the Deckbound Heroes preview starting at GDC next week. If you're in SF for GDC let me know and we'll arrange a demo. Otherwise watch this space (and the Deckbound Heroes page) for upcoming video previews.

Screenshots below, press release below that -- enjoy!

A preview of the Deckbound Heroes "River" map

A preview of the Deckbound Heroes "Jungle" map

EVA Plexus Limited -- February 24th 2015:

We are pleased to announce that Aaron L. Kaplan of Gusrae Kaplan Nusbaum PLLC has made an investment in EVA Plexus Limited. The investment will help further the development of the Deckbound technologies and games, as well as the supporting bitbind.io platform.

EVA Plexus is also delighted to welcome Aaron to its board of directors. In addition, Gusrae Kaplan has been appointed as our United States counsel to represent the business in this key market, and help the company navigate the U.S. regulatory and legal landscape.

EVA Plexus Limited is an innovative new startup based in the Isle of Man. It is building the Deckbound suite of technologies and games, as well as the supporting bitbind.io platform. The Deckbound systems allow for the creation of digital collectible trading cards that are directly owned by players. Deckbound also solves the problem of guaranteed unique and provable card distribution by leveraging the cryptographic properties of the blockchain. In addition, it uses these properties to provide for the procedural generation of card abilities, art and other attributes. Owners of Deckbound cards can play those cards in any supporting game, the first of which will be Deckbound Heroes, launching in 2015. The bitbind.io platform allows digital assets to be attached to the Bitcoin blockchain using a namespace-based hierarchical tagging mechanism.

Aaron L. Kaplan is an associate at Gusrae Kaplan Nusbaum PLLC, a Wall Street based securities law firm. Aaron concentrates his practice in the areas of virtual currency regulation and capital formation.

EVA Plexus is working up toward the launch of first Deckbound game, Deckbound Heroes. More information about that and the purchase of the Genesis Blocks used for the creation of cards in Deckbound games can be found at https://www.deckbound.com.

In response to the news, Brian Donegan, Head of Operations for e-Business with the Isle of Man Government’s Department of Economic Development said:

"We are very pleased that Gareth from EVA Plexus has secured this investment from Kaplan and decided to relocate to the Isle of Man, a nation which is fast becoming a 'digital currency friendly zone'. We wish him every success with his plans and welcome EVA Plexus to our Island’s growing cluster of e-Business, which is the Isle of Man’s fastest growing sector and which represents around 20% of our economy.

EVA Plexus is one of a number of digital currency businesses that have established themselves in the Isle of Man and the technology they are building to support the Deckbound digital collectible trading card games is one of many such initiatives looking to exploit not only the power of bitcoin, but the decentralised nature of the blockchain itself."

Links and references:

Deckbound: https://www.deckbound.com
The bitbind.io technology: https://bitbind.io
Deckbound Heroes: https://www.deckbound.com/heroes

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