We’ve had a busy winter updating Deckbound Heroes and the systems that make it work. We’re now at the point where we’re classifying the beta as “open” and we’re going to be rolling out a bunch of new features as quickly as we can.

If you’re new to Deckbound Heroes or haven’t played before, you can probably jump down to “This is what we have in the game right now”, but if you’ve been playing already there are a couple of awesome changes:

There’s more detail about the different card types and abilities in this blog post -- https://www.deckbound.com/blog/post/more-about-deckbound-cards

If you’ve not done so already, join us on Discord to chat with the dev team and get involved:

A screenshot from our new map, Kraetan’s Refuge

This is what we have in the game right now:

A screenshot from the new deck builder, showing demo abilities on a Hero card

Upcoming -- these are the things that we’re currently working on and will keep you updated about in the coming weeks and months:

One of the upcoming maps, Falleshi’s Vesba

In the future:

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