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We've added some new ability types to Deckbound Heroes - drain, claim, neutralize and mend. In advance of them being available on incepted cards, you can play them now with demo abilities. We have replaced about 50 of the lesser-used demo abilities. There's a full list of the new demo abilities at the bottom of these release notes.

Some of your decks may now be over the 2000-points limit. At the moment you can play them as they are, but if you edit them you will need to bring them back under 2000 points.

The ability glossary has been updated to include the new abilities:

Drain -- Reduce the health (and durability if applicable) of an item or player. Heal the caster by the total damage done.

Claim -- Take ownership of a vacant outpost.

Neutralize -- Remove the ownership of an opponent-owned outpost. Does current health in damage.

Mend -- Increase the durability of an outpost (to no more than its maximum value).

We are introducing a new term for outposts -- adjacent -- which is as it sounds, and refers to any outpost/s next to the outpost you have selected as the target. E.g. "Drain 2 health from an outpost; Drain 1 health from every healthy outpost adjacent to target."

Finally, a change to an existing ability type -- capture

Previously, capture would reduce the durability state of an outpost by one level. Capture will now do exactly the right amount of damage to an outpost in order to make you its owner. A vacant outpost will be damaged by its current health and an opponent-owned outpost will be damaged by its current health + its maximum health. The durability state could still change as a result, but you'll have to work this out for yourself!

Deckbound Heroes - game client (build 10299)

Deckbound Heroes - game server

New demo abilities

These abilities have been added in order to test new and existing ability types:

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