We've rolled out changes to the Deckbound Heroes game client and the Game and Collection Manager. Highlights include a new integrated glossary system, better ability wording, clearer sequencing of events in the game client and a variety of new features in the deck builder.

We're also ready to start testing a new map!

Falleshi’s Vesba is the first map with passive outposts. Outposts that you occupy do damage to the opponent. Unoccupied outposts charge over time and damage everything.

Play games on Dulfaet’s Landing and Kraetan’s Refuge and you’ll get a notification when Falleshi’s Vesba is available to play!

If you're running the game from Steam it'll be updated automatically, if not you can download the latest version from the Launcher page of the GCM.

Game & Collection Manager

Cards & Abilities

The wording of abilities has been updated for clarity and consistency.

We've modified 10 demo abilities that were better suited to modification based on target information - eg. "Do 4 damage to an outpost; Then if it's occupied, do 1 damage to it" is now "Do 4 damage to an outpost. +1 if target is occupied" This has been facilitated by ongoing work on the modifier system that is being used for Structure cards.

The demo ability “Increase health of target with less than 4 health by 4” has been changed to “Increase health of a target by 2. +2 if you have less health than opponent”.

Deckbound Heroes - game client

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