If you haven’t already signed up by email, redeemed a tour pass or competed in an pre-launch RCP event… sign up here http://www.deckbound.com/beta

Over the coming months we’re going to roll out the key features of the beta so you can:

— Play Deckbound Heroes using the new beta client (initially downloadable for PC & Mac)

— Purchase card packs at a discount (available from next week)

— Test inception of your cards with global discovery & unlocks (you can see abilities appear on your cards as we add them to the beta)

— Level up your cards to unlock abilities

— Play in casual and ranked games with a mix of demo cards and your own incepted cards

— Follow friends to match in casual games, view achievements and compete for rankings

— Play with Hero, Minion, Structure and Rune cards

— Compete in online tournaments and rankings (see below for a teaser of the first Open Rumpus)

— Complete achievements and unlock art backs for your collection… some of which are exclusive to the beta

We’ll be releasing more information about all of the above as we work through the beta release.

Coming soon — PC/Mac client first, watch out for screenshots

The game will be available initially as a PC and Mac download from our website, though we’ll be putting it on Steam Greenlight next week (Deckbound Quest was greenlit at the end of last month!) — so that it will be available on Steam as soon as possible. There’ll be a mobile client available for recent iOS devices before the end of the year, with Android to follow soon after.

The new Deckbound Heroes game client is being shown for the first time this August at Gamescom in Germany, Insomnia in the UK and PAX West in the US at the start of September. The open beta will start shortly after that (first half of September).

Watch out next week for the first screenshots from the new beta client and player account system.

Deck templates and competitive play

As well as rolling out infrastructure and game updates for the beta, we’re very excited about sharing information with you about the hero/deity deck template system, the four card types available for play and the various competitive and team formats that we’re working on, including match play and card swapping.

Deckbound Heroes has already been played competitively at DreamHack events in the US and Sweden. This weekend, there’s a $2000 tournament at the first ever DreamHack Canada and we’ve got more coming up in the UK and at PAX West. For more event information, check out http://www.deckbound.com/rcp.

Beta plans — trading, user-generated campaigns and more

Later in the beta (2017) we’ll launch trading, the nomad pool and user-generated campaign creation. Our focus initially is on 1v1 multiplayer matches, but we’re already working on some single player content using an early version of the content creation tools that you’ll later be able to use yourself.

Deckbound Heroes will be freely playable, and during the beta you’ll be able to use mixed decks of demo and purchased (incepted) cards. You can only level up your incepted cards, but you will be able to use both in casual and ranked formats. Once we’ve launched the nomad pool, ranked play will likely only allow for incepted cards.

Open Rumpus! … online launch tournament for all beta players

We’re also excited to announce that the beta will be accompanied by an online launch tournament: The Deckbound Heroes RCP: Open Rumpus #1! We’ll be sharing more details soon — anyone playing in the beta will be able to compete in ranked matches, build their decks and level their cards to compete for a spot in the tournament finals later in the year.

Card packs, tour passes and RCP competitors

If you’ve purchased cards, redeemed a tour pass or competed in an RCP event, your card packs, unlocks and other alpha rewards will be shown in the player management system when you log in for the first time. You can activate and log in to your account by email — when the beta is ready, we’ll send a link to the email address used to purchase or redeem packs.

Sign up for the beta at http://www.deckbound.com/beta

Thanks for your support — we’re looking forward to playing with you next month,
The Deckbound Heroes team.

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