As we work toward a big content update for Deckbound Heroes (more below) we’ve been rolling out core and stability updates, as well as smaller content changes.

Game timers and disconnects!

There’s now a server-side timer system in place that ensures that player turns are completed in a reasonable time. We’re tweaking and testing this as we go in the beta, but it already means that:

Players that repeatedly time out or disconnect are not currently penalized. We will be testing different approaches to this problem in future updates.

Backend changes

The game client will check compatibility with the game server it connects to and show a message indicating an update is required where applicable. We’re testing in-game connections to different game servers though most games will continue to connect to the EU West region for the moment.

Ability changes

We’ve been tweaking abilities and their points cost as we go… here’s a summary of recent changes:

Ability points changes:
* Reduced the cost of low value abilities
* Increased the cost of high impact unconditioned abilities
* AOE ability base points adjusted
* High impact AOE points cost increased
* High impact AOE outpost damage points cost increased

Ability definition changes:
* High impact direct damage abilities now have conditions applied
* Low cooldown direct damage high impact abilities removed
* Low cooldown AOE high impact abilities removed

New ability definitions added to test collection:
* Card count conditions added
* Outpost control conditions added
* Outpost durability conditions added

Outpost updates on Dulfaet’s Landing

Updates to outpost stats on Dulfaet’s Landing to promote use of outpost resurrect and durability condition abilities:

Outpost 1 -- Health increased to 4, durability reduced to 40
Outpost 2 -- Durability reduced to 25
Outpost 3 -- Health increased to 10, durability reduced to 50
Outpost 4 -- Durability reduced to 15


We’re currently working on a few different ability and content additions:

We roll out experimental builds and ability changes on a regular basis — if you want to help us test them out join our discord server where the dev team are regularly matching games and getting feedback.

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