We’re rolling out features to the beta as we go, this is a summary of what’s available in Week 1 — features released publicly October 2nd.

In the beta you can currently:

This release is designed for people who’ve already played a previous version of the game — but don’t worry if you haven’t, it’s pretty easy to pick up. Check out these gameplay and deck building videos from PAX West.

To login and play you’ll need a beta account (get one at deckbound.com/beta if you haven’t already). Login at gcm.deckbound.com and go to the Launcher page. From there you can download the game client, build a deck and request games. We’ve also included links to other resources, such as this blog.

Soon you’ll be able to:

Beyond that we’re currently working on:

So, get up and running, try out the new client and we’ll be back soon with another update.

Many thanks,
The Deckbound Team

Check out the new client!

You can request casual games and modify decks from the launcher.

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