Deckbound Heroes has enjoyed a fantastic response to competitive and casual multiplayer during the alpha. As we approach the launch of the beta and open up access for you to play at home, we wanted to give you some insight into what we’re planning for single player.

In this post we’re going to cover:

Our first single player opponent – “Hero X”

Our single player philosophy is simple: we believe that single player content in multiplayer games should evolve alongside multiplayer features. As we’re building a platform and games to last…

Tools == single player awesome

We try and make as much as we can in Deckbound Heroes configurable. JSON is our format of choice, we use it for map settings, ability definitions, AI scripts and even the game state itself.

We’re building out tools that allow us to create excellent single player experiences. Once those tools are stable and the game can handle whatever we can throw at it, we’re going to open up the tools to you, the players. Tools we use to create single player content will be available to the community.

You’ll be able to create your own single player experiences and share them with others through the Deckbound Game & Collection Manager. It’ll be tied into the social features of the platform, so you can browse content your friends have made, rate it and share it with others. We’ll highlight and promote the top rated content made by the community and offer exclusive art backs, achievements and other rewards for content creators. We don’t have a fixed schedule for this yet, as we want to make sure the tools are sufficiently stable during the launch of the beta.

An example of how you might create your own ability in an AI deck

We’re working on a bunch of different tools, but key to the single player is the ability to do the following:

Single player content in the beta

With those tools, we’re currently working on the following single player content for the beta:

Initially, the single player AI is going to be manifest in the world of Deckbound Heroes as a generic opponent named “Hero X”. We’re going to be sharing more about the world of Deckbound Heroes as we launch the beta. Because of the Deity-based deck template system, Hero X won’t have a specific template or Deity alignment. Over time, we will complement the 1st party and community single player content with art and world assets.

Skirmish and Community AI

Single player experiences are generally about excellent progressions and campaigns. However, because of the configurable nature of the game, our open systems and rich deck building, Skirmish AI offers a couple of really awesome opportunities. Over the course of the beta we’ll be rolling out the ability for the Skirmish AI to:

We’re quickly veering off the single player track here but that’s kind of the point —Deckbound is a set of linked games, systems and experiences. What you learn and refine in multiplayer helps you design and create in single player. For those of you who don’t want to play against other humans (or prefer computers to humans… not mentioning any names here) there’s no shortage of computer friends for you to play with.

Achievements, art backs and more

One of the Hero X art backs that will be attached to an achievement in the first single player campaign

Because everything links to everything else, the single player content will allow you to:

Initially, single player content will only be available when online. We’re testing different options for offline play and will make an announcement about that in the future.

We can’t wait to share some of the above tools and content with you. If you happen to be at EGX in the UK this weekend, come and stop by our booth in the Rezzed area to check out a preview.

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