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Thoroughly excited to share the first version of the Deckbound Explorer with you. The explorer is a visual browser that you can use to look at Deckbound cards -- a bit like or insight... but for Deckbound cards, and in 3D.

It's in a very early stage, but you can already use it to look at test cards and live transactions pulled from the Bitcoin network (Deckbound cards are all based on Bitcoin transactions, so we can simulate cards by looking at live transactions on the Bitcoin network).

There's a intro video explaining all this at

(there's more below but if you can't wait and want to check it out yourself, point your WebGL-compatible browser at

Card inception

To make all this work we did a bunch of work on procedural generation and determinism using Bitcoin transactions (and Deckbound card IDs)... you can read more about that at

There's plenty more to do, but already you can learn about core card types, ability distribution, card names, themes and more.

Deckbound API

This also marks the first public release of the Deckbound API -- you can get the raw information about Deckbound cards and build your own explorer should you want to. Find out more at

Links & wrap up

Introduction video:
More information & card inception:
Deckbound Explorer:
Deckbound API:

Thanks for your time! We had a blast getting this up and running and look forward to sharing more with you soon.


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