Links on where to find Deckbound accounts around the web...

Twitter -- general news, updates, development stuff and game information.

Facebook -- more news and updates, pictures cross posted from Flickr and other places.

Flickr -- pictures of Deckbound events, expo/show booths and related.

Instagram -- the Deckbound Tour diary! Follow our various travel discoveries, booth builds and more.

We'll post big news/announcement stuff here (which is the Deckbound blog -- found either on our forum site or via the /blog page on the website) but the above accounts may contain the occasional exclusive give away, teaser or insight as to what we're doing... so be sure to follow us.

n.b. This is the first cross-post to the forum and blog pages... blog content is posted directly to and syndicated to our blog. Comments on the blog are powered by the forum site, so you can use one account to post comments and discuss (and post original topics) on the forums.

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