Okay, so this is covered in the latest mailer and Card Inception pages... but thought it was worth calling out the Deckbound API specifically for those who want to play around with it.

The API documentation is at http://index.deckbound.com/ (also home of the Deckbound Explorer)

Right now you can use the /card/ GET method to return information about a given Deckbound Card. This will embed data from bitbind.io as well... the "genesis" property of the card will indicate the bitbind.io object namespace/tag (though that'll always return "test-only" if there's no valid bitbind.io object associated). So, though you can experiment with card properties and inception using any valid Bitcoin transaction ID (or any SHA-256 hash for that matter), only those with a "deckbound:" namespace prefix in the "genesis" will be considered Deckbound cards.

At present there's no direct API interface to the genesis itself... so if you want to visualise (for example) every ability on the genesis map (as we have done for the Deckbound Explorer) you can grab the raw ability coordinates for the current test genesis at http://index.deckbound.com/data/flat_mc5.json ... this will be replaced with an actual genesis API at a future point.

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