What are Deckbound Tour Passes?

As part of our 2015 events we're giving away Deckbound Tour Passes. These consist of a Deckbound lanyard with a laminated printed pass attached. Each pass contains a unique redeem code (a URL) that when redeemed gets you early access to Deckbound games (the same as purchasing early access card packs), a selection of card packs (5 packs) and a tour-specific card back unlock.

If you have one of these passes, go to the web address on the pass and enter your email address. You can redeem multiple pass codes against the same email address if you have them.

In the coming weeks we'll be launching a referral system that allows pass, early access and genesis block owners to invite their friends by sending their own invite and pass codes.

We do have a few extra pass codes that we'll give away from time on this blog (like deckbound.com/pack/wamhpqb, deckbound.com/pack/6ht74ke and deckbound.com/pack/8hexw3t) and our various social media accounts... keep an eye out for more information.

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