We're going to be running the first competitive event for Deckbound Heroes next week at Dreamhack Austin 2016!

If you're at the DreamHack Austin BYOC you can sign up for the tournament at http://rcp.deckbound.com

Read on for some details...

Deckbound Heroes is a turn-based, multiplayer, board-control collectible card game. Players compete strategically across a series of rounds and games with a single deck.

Deckbound Heroes is currently available in closed alpha and will be available in open beta at the end of June 2016. Based on the demand for competitive play and the excellent feedback we have received from previewing Deckbound Heroes, we are kicking off our first organised competitive events.

BYOC attendees at Dreamhack Austin 2016 can participate in the open tournament rankings during the first two days of the event. The top ranked players will compete in a tournament bracket on the final day for a $2000 prize. Anyone participating will also receive an exclusive Deckbound RCP card back and starter pack of cards to use later in the year.

The Deckbound Heroes RCP: Dreamhack Austin 2016 is the first event of its kind and gives players an exclusive opportunity to compete publicly before the launch of the Deckbound Heroes open beta in June 2016.

Deckbound Heroes Ranked Competitive Play (RCP) events allow players to compete at tournaments and online in a competitive structure provided by Deckbound.

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